Holiday Gifts Ideas for Every Nanny's Personality


Is the most wonderful time of year!!

With Christmas just a few days away, finding the perfect present for your nanny might be a little stressful.

Even tho most nannies are consider part of the family, can still be hard to find the right gift just for her.

Here are four last minute gifts ideas:

1.- Money

Yeap, money. I have heard before that giving money is not as meaningful as an special gift just for your nanny, it might be true but you might no know everything she likes. Giving her a bonus plus a nice card could be the perfect gift.

2.- Spa day and/or Manicure and Pedicure

You know she deserves it :)

3.- Gift Cards

I know this is similar to giving Money but  if you know your nanny's personality and what she is into, she might appreciate a gift card from Barnes and Nobles or an REI, Lululemon , etc, etc, etc.

4.- Personalized Item made by the child(ren).

And adding to any of the three gifts above... something made by your kids will be a nice touch. Whether is a card, a picture or anything like that :).

Hope this list helped you even a little bit.

Happy Holidays!

and thank you for stopping by.