My Top Four Qualities to Look For in a Nanny

What is your idea of the perfect nanny? What would she be like? What kind of qualities would she have?

 For me, that nanny would:
        • Speak three languages--Mandarin, Spanish and English.
        • Be creative, patient, mature, relaible and fun.
        • Have lots of experience as a nanny and possibly have some camp counselor experience.
        • Be super flexible with our schedule.
        • Follow our family rules to the T.
        • Stay with my family for all the years that I would need her to.

In a perfect world, I would love for her to even read my mind when it came to my children.

We all want the best nanny possible, but we first have to know what it is that we are looking for in that person. What are the essential qualities that we are seeking?

There are many key personality traits that I seek in every caregiver, but my top four are:

        1.  She has to LOVE children. You can feel that she genuinely enjoys being around them. Anyone can teach kids the house rules and how to behave, but the key is to find a nanny who is truly joyful working with children. This quality is priceless.

        2. She must engage in your child’s life.  She shows interest in the child's development. She offers suggestions on a new toy, finds a new class at the library, and comes up with a new healthy snack.

        3. She is completely reliable.

        4. She is a good communicator. (This is a quality you can get a feel for while setting up the interview and even during the interview. Something as simple as communicating that she is running 5 minutes late would leave you a totally different impression of her than her not communicating at all.)

Which are the TOP 4 qualities you look in a nanny? Share with us!

Myth: using a nanny agency is too expensive

After researching childcare options for your family, you finally come to the conclusion that you need to hire a nanny. You can start the nanny-finding process by asking friends or co-workers for referrals, researching online or contacting a local nanny recruiting service. No matter what you choose, the search will take some time.

Let's start with some of the benefits of working with a local nanny agency:

     You have experts in the field helping you find the best caregiver for your family.

     You save time and money, as looking on your own is time-consuming and often overwhelming.

     You are instantly connected to a large database of qualified caregivers—something only an agency with years of experience and connections can offer.

     You will work with a "coach"––somebody that will answer any question and provide valuable feedback.

Is a nanny placement fee worth it?

Recruiting services and agencies normally charge a (one-time) placement fee to the family. Often people have the misconception that this fee is too expensive.  The placement fee to the families is typically due once they find their right fit and decide to move forward. Most agencies do a guaranteed period of 30, 60 or 90 days (depends on the agency) and if the caregiver the family decided to hire doesn’t work out for any reason, they will find a replacement for not additional cost .

Recruiting services are a one-time service, not like for example, a personal trainer or a cleaning service where you pay a monthly fee. If you do the math, the initial cost is well worth it. Ultimately, finding the right caregiver for your family is work and once you find "the one", the benefits for your children and family are priceless. 

While a service fee may feel intimidating at first, most families feel that hiring an agency is certainly worth the long-term investment.