Helping Kids Make Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day is an occasion to show a mother how much they're appreciated. And one of the best ways to show this is through special gifts that are thoughtfully made or picked out. 

Of course, gifts are all the more meaningful when they're made by little hands. A bonus is the skills that kids can learn from participating in a Mother's Day plan. Here are some ideas for Mother's Day gifts you can make or pick out with kids.

Arts and Crafts

There are thousands of potential Mother's Day craft projectsthat you can help kids create. What kind you choose will depend on the child's age, the supplies you have on hand, and budget.

The king of all Mother's day gifts is a piece of art with her child's photo on it. Not only is this a sure win, but craft making is also great for fine motor skills

For example, a picture flowerwith a cupcake liner inserted into a cardboard pot is a cute choice. The child can paint the cardboard pot and glue the flower together. And if they're old enough, the child can even cut out the flower. 

Another idea is getting a blank, unfinished wooden pictureframe and having the child paint it using their mom's favorite colors. This also helps with motor skills and teaches the child to think about their mom's preferences.

Gift Certificates

If your child is a little older, they may prefer to give something more thought out than a simple arts and crafts project. While clothes, jewelry, and stuffed animals with hearts are always a hit, explaining the joy of receiving a gift certificate to mom's favorite hair or nail salonis a great way to teach the child about the empathy.

You can even present a gift card with one of these homemade gifts. Roll it up like a scroll and tie it with a pretty ribbon. Make sure to either purchase a service mom will use (for example, if she doesn't color her hair then get her a haircut instead of that) or include enough money on the certificate so she will have a good selection.

A certificate to a favorite restaurantwould be ideal as well. Decide whether Mom would want to go with just a friend or partner, or with the whole family, then help the children pick out a price point and place.

If they're old enough, you can have the child participate in this by giving them a budget and asking them to help select a service. This is a great way to get them thinking about practical math.


Mothers appreciate cute moments more than anything else, and there's no better way to give those than through a performance. Teach the child an easy song, such as "You Are My Sunshine." The first verse is all you need, replacing the word "dear" with the word "mom."

You are my sunshine

my only sunshine

You make me happy

When skies are gray

You'll never know, Mom

How much I love you

Please don't take my sunshine away.

Besides teaching the child musical skills, which is great in general, singing is knownto strengthen the immune system, work out the lungs, and lowers stress levels. And it's adorable to watch.

Cooking Ideas

Despite the level of supervision needed in the kitchen, cooking and baking is a great, thoughtful way to make mom a present. Making lunch or dinner for mom is a fantastic way to show appreciation - and who could say no to breakfast in bed?

 Cooking helps kids with science and math skills. Even pre-schoolers can help count eggs or measure flour. It also teaches them responsibility when they have to help clean up. 

If you select a dishthat has to do with the family's cultureor another culture the child is learning about, it'll also be a teachable moment for eating foods from another land. Always remember to take mom's food preferences and sensitivities into account.

Bonus learning opportunity: Take the kids shopping for ingredients. Helping you make a list, deicde on items, and manage money will help them learn practical skills like organization, how money works, and how to pick out meats and produce. 

No matter what route you go with a Mother's Day gift, just have the child think about what Mom likes. As long as you put some effort into it, she will appreciate it and it will become a treasured memory.